Define Organizational Units

Adding Organizational Units

Initially, your account has a 'root' Organizational Unit, including all environments onboarded to CloudGuard. From there, you can create more Organizational Units and associate environments with them (they are moved from the root). An account can correspond with only one Organizational Unit at a time, but one can be a sub-unit of a different one.

  1. Login to your Infinity Portal
  2. Navigate to Assets -- Organizational Units, click CREATE OU
  3. Enter a Name, select the Location click CREATE

Modify Organizational Units

  1. Navigate to Assets -- Organizational Units
  2. Choose an existing Organizational Unit, select an action Rename, Move, or Delete

Modify Existing Environment OUs

  1. Navigate to Assets -- Environments
  2. Select an Environment, next Associate to OU
  3. Select an OU to associate with, click Associate