Choosing a Framework

Framework guidance

  • Focus on the framework aligned with your organization’s and industry's needs.
  • Different industries have specific regulatory requirements related to security, such as ISO27001, PCI, DSS, SOC2, and GDPR.
  • If you don't have any regulatory requirements, CloudGuard Best Practices is an excellent multi-cloud choice. With hundreds of best practices and security-driven rules, it provides a comprehensive range of coverage for each public cloud provider.

Framework discovery

The CloudGuard Platform has thousands of rules curated across Compliance Frameworks and Industry Best Practices.

  1. Login to your Infinity Portal
  2. Navigate to Posture Management -- Policy, and click on Rulesets
  3. Explore Best Practices, Compliance Frameworks, and Custom coverage using the top filter and filter using Policy Category, Compliance Frameworks, or Best Practice