Continuous Compliance Notification

Some methods in this API are reaching end-of-life; please see the details below.

The Continuous Compliance Notification resource has methods to create and modify notification policies for continuous compliance assessments. With continuous assessments, cloud environments are assessed continuously and autonomously with bundles, and the results are issued to designated recipients as emails or SNS notifications, according to notification policies.

The notification policy specifies the notification method (email, AWS SNS) and the notification period.

This resource does not define continuous compliance policies; these are defined in the Continuous Compliance Policy V2 resource.

The following methods in this API are reaching end-of-life.

PostCreate notification (for notifications with 3rd party integrations)June 30, 2024
PutUpdate notificationJune 30, 2024
PostCreate default notification (notification with Console Alert only)January 1, 2025
DeleteDelete notificationJanuary 1, 2025
GetGet notification by idJanuary 1, 2025
GetGet all notificationsJanuary 1, 2025
Get By NameGet notification by nameJanuary 1, 2025

The following method were announced deprecated as of June 2024.

PostCreate notification (for notifications with 3rd party integrations)
PutUpdate notification
DeleteDelete notification

Please refer to the new methods in the Notification API here, which replace the APIs mentioned above.

MethodDescriptionNew API method
PostCreate notificationPost
PutUpdate notificationPut
GetGet All notificationsGet
GetGet notification by idGet
DeleteDelete notification by idDelete


Create a notification, use the POST method to create a new notification.
curl -v -u id:secret --X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' -d '{"name":"Test Name3","description":"Test Description","scheduledReport":{"emailSendingState":"Enabled","scheduleData":{"cronExpression":"0 0 16 1/1 * ? *","type":"Full","recipients":["[email protected]"]}},"changeDetection":{"emailSendingState":"Disabled","snsSendingState":"Disabled","externalTicketCreatingState":"Disabled","emailData":{"recipients":[]},"snsData":{"snsTopicArn":"","snsOutputFormat":"JsonWithFullEntity"},"ticketingSystemData":{"systemType":"ServiceNow","domain":"","user":"","pass":"","projectKey":"","issueType":""}},"gcpSecurityCommandCenterIntegration":{"state":"Disabled","projectId":"","bucketName":""}}' ''

Update a policy, use POST to update a policy (in the example below, to add a bundle to a notification policy)
curl -v -u id:secret --X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' -d '{"cloudAccountId":"c16fabb3-8226-4314-b38c-b91d98ec89ce","bundleId":-5,"externalAccountId":"761085218658","cloudAccountType":1,"notificationIds":["ddb554d5-8b4f-4cdf-88df-fd612c2c2763"]}' ''

Get a list of policies, use the GET method to retrieve a list of policies
curl -v -u id:secret --X GET --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' ''

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